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Softball Team Registration List

By Stacie M., 04/17/17, 10:00AM AKDT


Slow pitch softball team registration continues through this week! While the first deadline is April 12, we will continue to accept teams as space allows. Please see the lists below to confirm your team has been registered.

Registered Teams

Below is a list of all teams registered to play this summer. We will update this list every morning (Monday-Friday). If you have registered today, your team will not be on the list until the following business day.

But I thought I registered...

If you thought you registered but do not see your name on this list, then you did not complete the entire registration and may have exit out of the form before it was submitted. Please go back to the Registration Form and submit your information. You will receive a confirmation email when you have completed the registration.

Updated Through 4/16/2017

Please allow one business day from registration before seeing your team on the list.

Women's Teams

Registration Date Team Name Coach/Manager First Name Coach/Manager Last Name Women's Divisions
03/21/2017, 03:18pm AKDT BD Lashez & Phat Assez Brad Peterson Competitive(B)
04/04/2017, 11:38am AKDT Team Alaska Helen McDougall Competitive(B)
03/31/2017, 11:58am AKDT Alaska Elite 50+ Jean Mills Competitive(C)
04/03/2017, 10:14pm AKDT Camel Throws Jill King Competitive(C)
03/27/2017, 04:58pm AKDT Chicks with Sticks Jessica Lose Competitive(C)
04/10/2017, 02:33pm AKDT Chuggers & Sluggers Cindy Higgins Competitive(C)
03/25/2017, 06:03pm AKDT Summit ESP Marcia Johnson Competitive(C)
03/29/2017, 03:46pm AKDT Where My Pitches At? Tanya Hutchison Competitive(C)
03/23/2017, 04:12pm AKDT Alcan Janice Sims D
04/07/2017, 11:20am AKDT All Naturals - Women's Tim Larson D
04/13/2017, 10:12pm AKDT Ava's Team Avalisa Wroten D
04/07/2017, 09:36am AKDT Booze on Base Dawn Welton D
04/10/2017, 03:12pm AKDT Cleats and Cleavage / Blue Fox Michele Brower D
03/31/2017, 01:22pm AKDT Red Hots Denice Callander D
03/31/2017, 01:56pm AKDT Sweet Beavers Jane Haiar D
04/07/2017, 02:26pm AKDT Vitos Auto Sales Terra Trout D
03/28/2017, 05:20pm AKDT Post Gamers Becky Zembower Rec

Men's Teams

Registration Date Team Name Coach/Manager First Name Coach/Manager Last Name Men's Divisions
02/23/2017, 02:26pm AKST Anchorage Glacier Kings Ned Hahn 50+
03/28/2017, 11:02am AKDT Long Branch Keith Michaud 50+
04/12/2017, 11:04am AKDT Remax Brian Roit 50+
02/27/2017, 11:03am AKST Statewide Door & Glass Mike Hammer 50+
04/05/2017, 01:24pm AKDT Vito's Auto/GUIDO'S Don Brooks 50+
03/03/2017, 09:27am AKST Kenneth Powell C
02/20/2017, 01:25pm AKST Alaska Pressure Wash Adam Shaw C
04/13/2017, 02:46pm AKDT Arby's Mike Plummer C
03/29/2017, 02:59pm AKDT Arctic Glass Anthony Brooks C
03/29/2017, 07:31pm AKDT Baker Hughes Taylor Holley C
02/15/2017, 02:34pm AKST Ballz Deep / Van's Dive Bar Brad Peterson C
03/28/2017, 05:08pm AKDT Broken Tooth Brewers Dave Parker C
04/05/2017, 02:22pm AKDT Darwin's Jericho Lambert C
03/27/2017, 03:42pm AKDT Dusty Gunz Kyle Bailey C
04/11/2017, 10:47am AKDT Heat Systems (Fbombs) Christopher Bullock C
04/05/2017, 04:29pm AKDT Inupiaq Jacks Dennis Fischer C
04/15/2017, 06:14pm AKDT MOAB Joshua Lacy C
03/06/2017, 09:03am AKST Momma's Boys Steve Worley C
04/11/2017, 01:32pm AKDT Poly907 Patrick Pulalasi C
02/21/2017, 09:43am AKST Power shortage Kelley Schierholz C
04/12/2017, 12:45pm AKDT Ronny's Barbershop Ronny Perez C
03/06/2017, 05:32pm AKST Summit ESP/JJ's Sports Lounge James Johnson C
04/05/2017, 01:35pm AKDT Tudor Bingo Don Brooks C
03/20/2017, 10:34am AKDT WETSU Joe Stanich C
04/12/2017, 05:36pm AKDT Bush Co. / AK Ravens Emmet Hearon Competitive
04/11/2017, 11:39am AKDT CMC Construction Kevin Young Competitive
04/03/2017, 05:02pm AKDT Far North Kris Homerding Competitive
04/11/2017, 12:54pm AKDT Paisanos/ADS/Slippery Salmon/Ice Services Jimmy Lozano Competitive
04/13/2017, 05:02pm AKDT Sweet Home Child Care/GS Sports/SnoFlo Jose Ovalles Competitive
04/12/2017, 08:33am AKDT AK Menoms Bear Brown D
04/04/2017, 04:41pm AKDT Alaska Bully Rescue Brandon Knight D
04/11/2017, 11:56am AKDT Brand X Chris Breest D
04/12/2017, 06:18pm AKDT Bunts and Pitches Michael McCambridge D
04/07/2017, 05:06pm AKDT Flat Top Barbershop Johnny Jenkins D
03/30/2017, 02:21pm AKDT Food Services Of America Antonio Bernal D
04/06/2017, 10:21am AKDT Heart Skulls Brice Parks D
04/14/2017, 01:48pm AKDT Mercedes Benz MATTHEW BREILER D
04/11/2017, 08:16am AKDT Pitches be crazy Terran Williams D
03/31/2017, 12:15pm AKDT Sharks David Baranow D
04/12/2017, 11:04am AKDT Unknown Brian Roit D
03/30/2017, 06:17pm AKDT Lutheran Church of Hope Thomas Lubeck E
04/11/2017, 01:21pm AKDT Ol Dirty Batters Sava Nevzuroff E
03/31/2017, 04:39pm AKDT Phighting Kurds Peter Gunnarson E
04/11/2017, 01:25pm AKDT PND Wolfpack Derrick Honrud E
03/10/2017, 11:59pm AKST Polar Bar Daniel Portillo E
03/19/2017, 03:08pm AKDT Ramrod Ivon Williams E
04/03/2017, 03:22pm AKDT Waterboys Rob Rose E

Coed Teams

Registration Date Team Name Coach/Manager First Name Coach/Manager Last Name Coed Divisions
03/09/2017, 02:31pm AKST AK Outlawz Ellis Alston A
04/10/2017, 01:25pm AKDT Buffalo Wild Wings Rob Daly A
03/21/2017, 12:15pm AKDT Cowabunga/SnoFlo Chris Fulwider A
04/03/2017, 03:31pm AKDT Eddies Bryan Hise A
04/12/2017, 09:20am AKDT Titans AJ HAAS A
02/28/2017, 11:29am AKST Alaska's OG's Mickey Lopez B
02/15/2017, 03:35pm AKST Bat Attitudez Micki Sunberg B
03/05/2017, 11:00am AKST Bone Brewtality Shawnna Cape B
03/10/2017, 01:18pm AKST Klebs Mechanical Mike Teel B
04/11/2017, 02:00pm AKDT Legion of As Sasha Loyd B
04/03/2017, 11:10am AKDT Main Attraction Moe Saniao B
04/12/2017, 01:44pm AKDT NW Auto Greg Peters B
04/07/2017, 02:04pm AKDT Rae Rae's Brad Peterson B
04/07/2017, 02:06pm AKDT SUCKEM UP DARREN LOPEZ B
04/13/2017, 02:46pm AKDT Vito's/Guidos Mike Plummer B
03/20/2017, 10:34am AKDT WETSU Joseph Stanich B
03/03/2017, 09:27am AKST Kevin Powell C
03/10/2017, 09:45am AKST All Naturals PJ Larson C
03/28/2017, 05:08pm AKDT Broken Tooth Drinkers Dave Parker C
03/07/2017, 08:59am AKST Buzzbizz Killer Bees Todd Tosoni C
03/16/2017, 02:55pm AKDT Cubs painting Brian Emerton C
03/30/2017, 01:11pm AKDT Deep throwers Tyler Jorgensen C
03/06/2017, 09:03am AKST Dolla Signs Steve Worley C
04/07/2017, 02:26pm AKDT Kassi & Norm Terra Trout C
03/07/2017, 05:07pm AKST LNW Transport Katy Kless C
02/23/2017, 05:08pm AKST Pioneer Dog Salmon Dan Kirsch C
04/10/2017, 07:05am AKDT Rock Hard Fitness (RHF) Rock Reeves C
04/12/2017, 02:52pm AKDT Sitnasuak Rebecca Neagle C
03/20/2017, 05:18pm AKDT Special K's (Monday) MIke Whitehead C
03/20/2017, 05:18pm AKDT Special K's (Wed or Thur) Mike Whitehead C
04/11/2017, 10:47am AKDT Total Truck (for now) Christopher Bullock C
04/11/2017, 02:35pm AKDT ACE Team John White D
03/03/2017, 09:27am AKST Kevin Powell D
04/06/2017, 09:25am AKDT Alaska Heart & Vascular Institute Amanda Marlett D
03/21/2017, 04:21pm AKDT Alaska's Finest Kiersten Russell D
04/11/2017, 08:54am AKDT Bad News Beers Tom Eller D
04/12/2017, 10:17pm AKDT Bald Gee-gles Eric Holland D
03/19/2017, 10:22am AKDT Ball Busters Aaron Daniels D
03/14/2017, 11:43am AKDT Bataholics Andrew Vied D
04/04/2017, 08:09am AKDT BDO USA James Doughty D
02/28/2017, 03:02pm AKST Black Tie Ballerz Whitney D'Atri D
02/28/2017, 09:04am AKST Blazers Katharina Youngblood D
04/04/2017, 10:38am AKDT Bombers Melissa Glorioso D
03/06/2017, 10:47pm AKST Brew Balls Heather Darr D
02/15/2017, 03:58pm AKST Centerlines Inc, Swingers Kylie Hendren D
04/12/2017, 02:37pm AKDT Coffman Engineers Duane Larson D
02/15/2017, 04:07pm AKST Dingers and Stingers Cody Mesick D
02/27/2017, 01:42pm AKST Dirty Digglers Holly White D
03/22/2017, 01:58pm AKDT Fireballs Brittany Winningham D
04/06/2017, 05:55pm AKDT GMG Jacob Gondek D
04/10/2017, 06:14pm AKDT Got the Runs Thomas Krier D
04/02/2017, 09:09pm AKDT Grass Stains Tom Mitchell D
02/27/2017, 08:41pm AKST Green Connection Eric Emerton D
04/05/2017, 02:16pm AKDT Guardian Security Jericho Lambert D
02/23/2017, 02:26pm AKST Guardian Security Systems Ned Hawn D
03/27/2017, 09:07am AKDT Homesteaders Steven Garcia D
03/15/2017, 11:31am AKDT Lynden Legacies Dani Camden D
03/09/2017, 03:47pm AKST Malarkey Roofing jacob rabung D
04/02/2017, 01:29pm AKDT Master Batters John Johnson D
04/14/2017, 11:51am AKDT Moose's Tooth Co Ed D Walter Bergsrud D
04/08/2017, 09:08pm AKDT Moose's Tooth Pits Barb Malchick D
03/17/2017, 01:23pm AKDT Northern Lights Barber Shop Dar Jenkins D
03/16/2017, 10:53am AKDT Not so Athletics Tori Wangrud D
04/11/2017, 05:21pm AKDT NV Dingers Taylor Newhouse D
04/07/2017, 07:41pm AKDT Pitch Slapped Kim Stohr D
03/28/2017, 05:20pm AKDT Post Gamers Becky Zembower D
03/25/2017, 01:34pm AKDT Racks & Sacks Steve Viotto D
04/09/2017, 01:27pm AKDT Saved by the Balls Mark Crouse D
04/06/2017, 05:51pm AKDT Soft Balls, Hard Bats Tyler Hindmarch D
04/05/2017, 10:41am AKDT Sons of Pitches Ryan Brinkman D
03/30/2017, 08:55am AKDT Son's of Pitches Johnny Waldren II D
03/29/2017, 04:13pm AKDT Supreme Electric Weston Haynes D
03/17/2017, 02:21pm AKDT Surgical Strikes Brian Schneider D
03/14/2017, 02:27pm AKDT Swingers Kevin Santistevan D
04/03/2017, 04:40pm AKDT TEAM K&W Mike Kaercher D
03/15/2017, 11:57am AKDT Tebow Financial Hunter Joy D
02/20/2017, 02:42pm AKST Thats what she said Jessica Holder D
04/12/2017, 02:12pm AKDT The Benchwarmers Anne Thompson D
04/13/2017, 05:16pm AKDT The Dragons Zack Stryken D
03/21/2017, 12:34pm AKDT We've Got Gas Fouad Habib D
04/07/2017, 09:36am AKDT Where's Home Stephanie Dush D
04/14/2017, 02:09pm AKDT Where's My Pitches? Chelsea Musliu D
03/16/2017, 02:49pm AKDT Woodcheckers Danielle Kalbfleisch D
03/21/2017, 03:17pm AKDT 10 Plagues Glenn Cravez Faith
04/13/2017, 02:50pm AKDT Anchor Park UMC Harry Ricker Faith
04/07/2017, 01:22pm AKDT Central Lutheran Saints & Sinners John Hackler Faith
04/12/2017, 12:58am AKDT Clear Water Church Hannah Hooper Faith
02/15/2017, 04:26pm AKST Cornerstone Blue Team Karen Braquet Faith
02/15/2017, 04:26pm AKST Cornerstone Green Team Garrett Davis Faith
02/15/2017, 04:26pm AKST Cornerstone Red Team Cliff Kraemer Faith
03/26/2017, 06:43pm AKDT Crossing #1 Gretchen Courtney Faith
04/09/2017, 03:54pm AKDT Crossing Too Rebecca Banfield Faith
04/12/2017, 06:34pm AKDT CWC 2 Alec Paul Faith
03/05/2017, 08:23am AKST People of Hope Joyce Hudson Faith
04/06/2017, 12:44pm AKDT Alaska State Employees Scott Lane Rec
02/28/2017, 07:49am AKST Alpha Dawgs Melanie Leydon Rec
04/04/2017, 04:26pm AKDT Altman, Rogers Grant Todd Rec
03/19/2017, 03:32pm AKDT Assassin squad James Wood Rec
03/31/2017, 08:13pm AKDT Boniface Wings N' Things Kristina Beckstead Rec
04/11/2017, 03:08pm AKDT bunts and pitches Matthew Ellis Rec
03/09/2017, 11:56am AKST Cook Inlet Tribal Council Eric Watson Rec
02/17/2017, 08:40am AKST deweys marine Jonathan Perez Rec
04/10/2017, 02:12pm AKDT Doyon Won Derek Dilley Rec
03/10/2017, 07:58pm AKST Fowl Play Jesse Clarkson Rec
03/31/2017, 01:10pm AKDT Free Radikals Aaron Kusano Rec
04/10/2017, 04:08pm AKDT GCI Rascals Kate Lynch Rec
03/16/2017, 12:57pm AKDT Jackson's Pitches David Jackson Rec
04/07/2017, 09:05am AKDT LNW Transport Rusty McKenzie Rec
03/30/2017, 02:01pm AKDT Meridian Systems Jessi Cherry Rec
04/10/2017, 01:33pm AKDT Microcom No Line of Site Kristy Darr Rec
03/06/2017, 04:37pm AKST Midnight Sun Brewing Co. Travis Williams Rec
04/12/2017, 07:28pm AKDT Moose's Tooth Coed Rec. Walter Bergsrud Rec
04/01/2017, 05:02pm AKDT Ravn Alaska Nick Miller Rec
04/11/2017, 08:41pm AKDT RE/MAX Dynamic Michelle Webb Rec
03/17/2017, 11:38am AKDT TOTE-al Domination Jessica Warner Rec
03/17/2017, 05:08pm AKDT Treeline Construction Jason DeLong Rec
04/04/2017, 03:10pm AKDT UIC Yetis David Hardy Rec