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Softball Council Elections

By Brad P., 09/12/17, 11:15AM AKDT


Elections for the 2018 Softball Council will be held on October 4th at the BP Energy Center at 6:30pm. Each league and division is allowed one representative with the exception of Coed D which is allowed two. In addition to the individual league representatives there are Chair, Vice Chair, and Player Representative positions for the Coed, Women’s and Men’s divisions.

The Softball Council is responsible for decisions such as team and player fees, league rules, field and complex maintenance, team classification, and capital improvements, just to name a few. The Softball Council meets four times each year heading into the softball season, once in January, once in February, once in March, and the final meeting is in April. The dates of those meetings can be found on or by following this link.

There may be additional committee meetings or online discussions but those are the main four meetings each year. If you are elected to a council position and attend three of the four meetings you are entitled to receive one of your player fees waived.

All players and managers are eligible to be elected. The position you run for is determined by where your team played in this past season. All players for that division are eligible to vote. If you played on a coed team you would be allowed to vote for any of the coed positions and so on. So if you would like to get involved with your softball league, feel that you have some ideas the softball council could benefit from, or just want to see how it all works come on out and encourage your team members to come to the meeting and vote for you.

If you have any questions about the softball council I would be happy to answer any of them. You can reach me at the office at 562-1504 or by email at