ASA General Rules and Regulations

Below is a complete set of Anchorage Sports Association General Rules and Regulations. Team managers should carefully read this document before registering their team for a session.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers:

Q: Are we required to wear matching jerseys?

A: During league play, players are REQUIRED to wear a shirt/jersey with a number on back (front and back is preferred but not required). During tournaments, teams must have similar/matching jersey with numbers on the back (min. 8”). Numbers on the front are preferred but not required. There is no waiver or jersey deadline—only the rules as stated here. The exception is our turf league (no numbers required) and special event tournaments.

Q: What is the minimum age required for players under 18?

A: All players must be at least 14 years old, and players under the age of 18 must have Parent/Guardian consent to participate in our leagues.

Q: May a player touch the net at any time during a play?

A: No. Per USAV rules, no player is allowed to touch any part of the net during play.

Q: May a player step across the middle line at any time during a play?

A: Per USAV rules, players who cross the center line may not interfere with play. If no interference is made, there is no violation. If the player interferes with play, a violation has occurred. Interference with play is a judgment call made by the official.

Q: May players bring children onto the court and leave them unattended during play?

A: Children (and all other spectators) are not allowed in the playing area. The playing area is defined as within the outside lines of the basketball court.

Q: May players (and/or their children) play on the courts (basketball, volleyball, football, etc.) when either a time-out has been called, in-between sets, in-between matches?

A: Only players who are registered and paid with the Anchorage Sports Association are allowed on the courts during designated league and tournament time.

Q: When does the official 55 minute time limit start?

A: The game time begins when play begins. For instance, if a game is scheduled for 7:30 but does not begin until 7:35, the 55 minute game time begins at 7:35. This only applies to games where all players are present to begin, and does not apply to the “grace period” offered to teams who do not have enough players to begin a match. (See below.)

Q: Is there a grace period for players who arrive late for their scheduled games?

A: Game time is forfeit time. Teams will forfeit the first game if they do not have a minimum of 4 players present. If the opposing team agrees, there will be a 5 minute grace period before the first game is forfeited. The 5 minutes will be subtracted from the time limit. After the 5 minute grace period, the team has 10 additional minutes before the 2nd game and the match are considered a forfeit. The 10 minutes will also be subtracted from the 55 minute time limit.