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UPDATED 1:30 pm, March 14: Covid-19 Updates

By Stacie M., 03/14/20, 1:30PM AKDT


Remainder of season cancelled/postponed

Update: March 14

Yesterday, USAV pulled their sanctioning from all events through March 31. This means that we do not have insurance coverage until April 1,  and we will not be able to practice or compete until sanctioning is reinstated.

The Alaska Region is looking at alternate dates for us to potentially play our final local tournaments. We will keep you updated as soon as we know if this will happen.

Travel Teams: The Red Rock Rave is a USAV event and they fall under the same stipulations. This tournament is canceled.  We will start processing refunds next week. 

Raffle: We are looking into extending the raffle into next season so we can continue to use it as a fundraiser for future players and travel teams. If you have sold tickets you can turn in those funds for future fees, or apply them to local fees if you still have a balance on your account.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Update: March 13, 3:30 pm

Falling in line with ASD closing for an additional week, we will NOT be having practice for any of our teams this coming week.

We hope to resume practice for our 13U and 14U on Sunday, March 22. 

Final Local Tournament

We realize that some families may choose not to participate in our final tournament. If that is the case, we support you and your decision. To help us better understand who is still planning to play in our final tournaments, we need everyone to touch base with their coach to let them know definitively if they plan to play on March 21/22 or March 28 (whichever day your tournament is scheduled).

Please notify your coach EITHER WAY. Confirm you will be playing, or let them know that you choose not to. Again, as a club we support your decision, as everyone's families may have different health risks. Your health and safety is our priority.

Travel Teams

As of now, the Red Rock Rave is still scheduled to be played (March 28-30), and we plan on attending as long as that is the case. However, our stance on events remains the same as above. If you feel you cannot participate, please let us know as soon as possible. If anything changes regarding the status of the tournament, we will notify everyone immediately.