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Volleyball Council Considering Change in Fees

By Stacie M., 01/25/17, 4:00PM AKST


Possibility of Higher Team Fees, Lower Player Fees

Over the last several months, the volleyball council has been discussing a change in the team fees and player fees for the volleyball leagues. We would like to invite team managers and players to join this conversation so we can make a decision in the best interest of all stakeholders. This open dialogue period will conclude at the April Council Meeting.

Current Fee Structure

What do my fees pay for?

Volleyball fees are collected from teams and players to pay for the following league expenses: court time, officials, administrative costs, equipment, advertising, and the end of year party. You can view the full 2017 budget on the Volleyball Council page under Documents.

Right now, the team fee for court volleyball is $500 and the individual player fee is $65. Most of the $500 team fee pays for court time for all 16 of your games. Remaining dollars are set aside as a reserve. Then, $40 of each player fee goes toward administrative costs (like the Anchorage Sports office, staff, website, general expenses, etc.), and the remaining $15 of the player fee is used to pay for officials. Under the current fee structure, each team needs a minimum of 8 players to cover their share of costs for officials (hence the 8 player minimum and why it needs to be enforced). Player fees beyond those 8 players are then used for things like equipment upgrades, end of season parties, and special events; or those dollars are set aside as a reserve.

Volleyball League Expenses: Court Time and Officials

Expenses Cost per Game Cost of Game per Team Cost of Season per Team
Court Time $60 $30 $480
Officials $23.25 (max) $11.63 $186
Totals $83.25 $41.63 $666 (16 games)

Volleyball League Income Minus Expenses

Income (based on 8 players) Court Cost Admin Cost Officials Cost Remaining (Revenue)
Team Fee: $500 $480 for 16 game season N/A N/A $20
Player Fees: $520 N/A $320 $186 $14

Proposed Changes

Primary Goals

The volleyball council discussed the following as the primary goals for the changes in fees:

  • Receive all funds for costs associated with a team playing for the season before play begins.
  • Encourage players to play on more than one team.
  • Encourage teams to roster more players to avoid forfeits, even if players can only play part-time.
  • Create more understanding among teams and players on what their fees are used for.
New Fee Structure

In keeping with the above goals, the council has proposed the following changes to team fees and player fees.

Team Fee: $675
Covers the cost of court time and officials for a 16 game season, with an additional $9 per team going toward other expenses and/or reserves.

Player Fee: $45
Covers the cost of administrative expenses, with an additional $5 going toward other expenses and/or reserves.

Sponsored Teams Versus Self-Sponsored Teams

Sponsored Teams

Several teams are able to cover their team fee by gaining a sponsorship from a local business. We know these donations are vital to many teams and ensure a sustainable volleyball league for the Association. In order to continue to provide value to sponsors, we will be implementing the following for all businesses who sponsor a volleyball team:

  • Business logo on the sponsored team's page
  • Dedicated page listing all volleyball team sponsors on our website, with clickable links to the sponsors website
  • Recognition via Anchorage Sports social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)
  • Discounts on additional volleyball sponsorship, such as links on our home page, newsletters, tournament profiles, and other media.

By doing this, we want to provide even more value to our sponsors to ensure they continue supporting our volleyball teams and know they are appreciated by the volleyball community.

Self-Sponsored Teams

We also know not all teams are able to find sponsors to cover their team fee (although, with all the great benefits listed above, you might have an easier time finding a sponsor!). If this is your team, we hope you will also find value in this change in fee structure. For returning teams in good standing, we are willing to work with you through a payment plan if the team fee is too much to pay up front. And with easy-to-send-money apps like Venmo and PayPal, collecting fees from your players is easier than ever.

Additionally, this change in fees only amounts to a $15 increase for an 8 person team, and you'll actually save money if you roster more than 8 players. For instance, under the current fee structure the total for a team and 9 players is $1085, while under the proposed fee structure the total would be $1080. More players = more savings, especially if you are dividing the team fee among all the players. (For perspective, $675/9 = $75 per player for the team fee, plus $45 for the player fee, equals $120 per player. This comes to $7.50 per game, per player).

Discussion and Implementation Timeline

Discussion Period

From now until the April Volleyball Council meeting, we would like to invite team managers, players, and sponsors to join us in an open conversation about the proposed changes. As a Volleyball Council, we see this change as a positive one that provides transparency on what fees are paying for, as well as encourages growth in our volleyball community. Please feel free to comment below, or join us at our February council meeting on Thursday, February 16, at 6 pm (Location TBD).

Voting and Implementation

The Council will vote on the proposed changes at the April 20 meeting. If the proposal passes, the changes would be implemented for the 2017 Fall season.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and take part in a discussion regarding this change. We appreciate your involvement in the volleyball community and value your voice.

Are you interested in joining the Volleyball Council? We are currently looking for players to represent the Coed D, Men's, and Reverse B leagues. Please contact Stacie Meisner for more information or feel free to attend our next meeting.