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Team Manager Meetings

By Stacie M., 04/14/17, 5:30PM AKDT


All Team Managers Required to Attend

Attending a Team Manager Meeting is REQUIRED in order to receive your team bag with softballs, score book, and line-up cards. Whether you have been with us for ten years or this is your first year, ALL team managers are required to attend one of these meetings. We will review rules for the leagues, introduce you to your league representative, give a quick tutorial on the new website, and answer any questions that you might have about the upcoming season.

Below are the meeting dates and times. Please do your best to attend the meeting for your League/Division. Meetings will be held at the BP Energy Center.

Call or email us to let us know which meeting you will be attending.

April 18
6:45 pm – Coed D and Coed Rec
7:45 pm – Men’s and Women’s

April 25
6:45 pm – Coed A/B/C
7:45 pm – Coed D

April 26
6:45 pm – Coed A/B/C
7:45 pm – Men’s

May 1
6:45 pm – Coed D/Rec/Faith
7:45 pm – Men’s and Women’s

We have some back up dates if you are unable to make any of the above, but those will need to be scheduled on an as-needed basis. Please do your best to attend one of the meetings above.

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