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2018 Winter/Spring Volleyball League

By Stacie M., 11/15/17, 8:45AM AKST


Space still available

The 2018 Winter/Spring Volleyball Season begins in January and ends in March. Join us for more team sports fun! Leagues and divisions for all skill levels.

General Information

Play will begin on Sunday, January 7, and end in March/April. Registration deadline is December 15.

Teams play 16 games in a season, with opportunities to play in 3 different tournaments throughout the season. 

Team Fee: $675
Player Fee: $45
(Yes, the fees have changed. Read more about it here.)
All players must be members of USA Volleyball (one-time annual fee of $30). Players will be required to enter their USAV Member ID at registration.

The Registration "" is not currently available.

Leagues and Divisions

League and Division Day of Play Game Times
Reverse B Sunday 9:40 am, 10:30 am; 1:20 pm, 2:10 pm (alternate times with Rev C)
Reverse C Sunday 1:20 pm, 2:10 pm; 9:40 am, 10:30 am (alternate times with Rev B)
Coed C - FULL Sunday 11: 30 am, 12:20 pm
Women's A & B - FULL Monday 6:40 pm, 7:30 pm; 8:30 pm, 9:20 pm (alternate early/late)
Women's C & D Tuesday 6:40 pm, 7:30 pm; 8:30 pm, 9:20 pm (alternate early/late)
Coed D & Rec Wednesday 6:40 pm, 7:30 pm, 8:30 pm, 9:20 pm
Men's Thursday 6:40 pm, 7:30 pm, 8:30 pm, 9:20 pm

Additional Information

Game times

Sunday Reverse leagues will play 9:30 am - 11:30 am and 1:15 pm - 3:15 pm, alternating time slots each week with the other Reverse league (B & C). Coed C will play midday Sundays from 11:30 am - 1:15 pm.

Weekday leagues will play from 6:40 pm - 10:15 pm. We will do our best to schedule 2 games each week back to back, but please be aware that you may have some weeks scheduled with game breaks or have bye weeks.

Registration deadline

Team registration deadline will be December 15. Team fees must be paid by this time. Space is limited and teams will be guaranteed their spot once registration and payment is submitted.

Player registration

Player registration will open after team registration has closed. Players will be required to pay when they register. All teams should have a minimum of 8 players on their roster. 

Team Sponsors

The Anchorage Sports Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit. If teams find a sponsor, the sponsor may claim their donation as a tax deduction. You can use the letter below to give to a potential sponsor. Please have them fill out the sponsor form on page 3 and submit with their donation. Don't forget to thank your sponsors!


2018 Winter/Spring Team Registrations (through December 17)

Division Team Name Coach/Manager First Name Coach/Manager Last Name
Coed C ACS Austin Osborne
Coed C Alaska Blocking Stove Kevin Campbell
Coed C Alaska Oral Surgery SHAWNNA CAPE
Coed C Balls Out Katie Payton
Coed C Gruselige Einhorner Nathan Bucknall
Coed C How I Set Your Mother Nicole Gregson
Coed C Noodlez Renee Robinson
Coed C Spiked Punch Dustin Lang
Coed C Still Swingin Steve Womack
Coed C Suzanna Suzy Carson
Coed C Teal Steel Jenny Miner
Coed D Academy Mortgage Daelyne Ford
Coed D All Naturals/ Alaska Neurology Tim Larson
Coed D Amazeballs Kevin Erickson
Coed D Blue Nooners Kris Noonan
Coed D erin ersland Erin ersland
Coed D Finishing Edge Molly Pfleiger
Coed D Gangrene Nicole Crosby
Coed D Jacobs Kelsey Lindahl
Coed D NAC Attack Sandy Williams
Coed D Rebound PT Laura Tucker
Coed D Schweddy Balls Caitlin Orem
Coed D Synergy Gerald Ramos
Coed Rec FSA Grant Hill
Men's AK kiona Taylor Dibiasio
Men's Alaska Wildland Adventures Kirk Hoessle
Men's Dr. Lang Dustin Lang
Men's Spiketown VBC Kevin Campbell
Reverse B Blessie Lochmann Blessie Lochmann
Reverse B GTS Julie Weber
Reverse B MX7 Stacie Meisner
Reverse B Self Pay Morgan Charbonneau
Reverse B Somos Guapos Hahni Johnson
Reverse C Guardian Security Megan Carle
Reverse C Lightning Spikes Joseph Kalfsbeek
Reverse C Noodlez Renee Robinson
Reverse C Quiznos / Family & Friends Colin Coker
Reverse C Spiked Punch Milaud Baumgartner
Reverse C Tgi Freight Chris Clark
Women's A block & awe Rachel Earls
Women's A CCI Kari Frantz
Women's A Chewblocka Alicia Locke
Women's A Long Branch suzy carson
Women's A Oh My Squad Stacie Meisner
Women's A South Erin Doner
Women's A Spikeasaurus Katie Payton
Women's A TBD Tyler Arnold
Women's A Team Domination Katelynn Raygor
Women's A Young Talents Dana Atafua
Women's B Ballers Jessica Wright
Women's B International Aviation Services Renee Goentzel
Women's B Kiss My Pass Stacy Carpenter
Women's B Lightning Spikes Nikita Comstock
Women's B Pig Pen Bobbi Jo Ellis
Women's B Residential Martha Andrade
Women's B Safe Sets Saigen Harris
Women's B Spike Kimberly Mork
Women's B Spikettes Jenny Miner
Women's B Sugar Smack Nicole Gregson
Women's B - Waitlist Recharge Dana Kewan
Women's C Alaska Trauma & Acute Care Surgery Kami Jo Ganus
Women's C Darwin's Theory Holly Evans
Women's C Fighting Iris Elizabeth Bow
Women's C Lee Hudson Counseling Karen Hudson
Women's C Les Bailey & Associates Lynette Watson
Women's C Meaningful Living Lyn De Vries
Women's C Noodlez Renee Robinson
Women's C Tgi Volleygirls Christine Clark
Women's C - Waitlist PrimeLending Sasha Loyd
Women's D Court Jesters Sandy Williams