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Women's Dodgeball: Playoff Tournament - Final Week!

By Stacie M., 01/24/18, 3:00PM AKST


Championship Round - Final Week!

No pickup players are allowed in Championship Play.

Friday, January 25, 2018

Championship Rounds        
Gold Bracket CT      
7:10 PM 1 Game 1   Clam Jammers vs Purrpetrators
7:30 PM 1 Game 3 -  1st Place Gold   Winner Gm 1 vs Balls of Iron & Lightning
Silver Bracket        
7:10 PM 2 Game 2   Bushwhackers vs Flame Throwers
7:30 PM 2 Game 4 - 1st Place Silver   Winner Gm 2 vs Loser Game 1
Bronze Bracket        
7:50 PM 2 Game 5   AK Dodgedolls vs Ball Crushers
8:10 PM 2 Game 6 - 1st Place Bronze   Winner Gm 5 vs Loser Game 2

Women's Dodgeball Ladder Tournament

This year's playoff tournament will feature a ladder format. Teams are seeded on a ladder, with the lowest seed starting at the top of the ladder and the highest seed starting at the bottom. Teams challenge other teams on the ladder rungs above them to try to take their place. If challenging teams win their match, they replace the team they beat, and the losing team is moved to their spot in the ladder. If challenged teams win, they retain their spot and then challenge teams above them. The schedule and playing options are outlined below. After each round, the Tournament Director will update the ladder so teams can see where they stand.

We will do two weeks of ladder games, and then the third week will be championship games. In the third week, teams will compete for Championships in the Gold, Silver, and Bronze ladder rungs. You can only place in the rung directly above or below you (so the first two weeks of play matter--get as high on the ladder as you can to place higher in the tournament!). We will have team prizes for the winning teams in each Championship bracket.

Pick-Up Players

Pick-up players will be allowed for the ladder portion of the tournament (same rules from league). No pickup players will be allowed for the Championship portion of the tournament on January 26.



Please make sure ALL your players are on your roster. Players who are not officially rostered on teams will NOT be allowed to play.