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Thank you for making an IMPACT!

By Stacie M., 02/05/18, 11:15AM AKST


A special thank you to adult volleyball players who donated to our program

Try outs for our first season as club. We had over 100 players try out for a spot on our 4 competitive teams. Our goal is to have 8 teams next year!

You made an IMPACT!

From all our coaches and players, we would like to thank you for contributing to our IMPACT volleyball program as part of your player fee registration. 

We had over 100 athletes try out for our four competitive club teams this year, and have had over 50 players participate in developmental camps and clinics. We currently have 42 players on our club teams. Your generosity has helped provide a program for these players who might not have the opportunity to play otherwise.

You will always be part of our IMPACT family. Thank you!

IMPACT 18U took 1st place in the Varsity Silver Tournament in Wasilla

Fall Donations

Brooke Volkman
Celestia Bowlus
David Dilley
Derek Kleehammer
Donna Goode
Erin Eisses
Heidi Ostby
Jeffrey Ellis
John Todd
Joseph  Kalfsbeek
Katie Peck
Katrina Taylor
Kia Hasson
Kimberly  Mork
Kristen Lewis
Kristi Neptun
Leah Droege
Lori Bingham
Mary  Aldana
Mike Vincent
Renee Goentzel
Robert Hall
Sandra Klein

Total Raised: $250

Individuals listed more than once gave multiple times.

Spring Donations

Adam Tuala-tamalelagi
Aisoli Lealasola
Anthony Brooks
Carrie Melville
Dana Kewan
Erin Ersland
Erin Braun
Ethan Peabody
Ethan Peabody
Jamie Chanthaboury
Jody Reausaw
Joey Padron
Kamber Dewitt
Kathleen Michalski
Katie Steffens
Keola Suapaia
Keola Suapaia
Kimberly Mork
Kinsey Schilke
Kirk Hoessle
Kory Roy
Leah Droege
Megan Wagner
Renee Goentzel
Teryn Kilgore
Victoria Hutton

Total raised: $365

IMPACT 14U wins silver bracket in first tournament of the season