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4th Annual Spikesgiving Doubles Scramble

By Stacie M., 11/07/18, 10:45AM AKST


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Saturday, November 24 @O'Malley

Join us for the 4th Annual Spikesgiving Turkey Tournament! This tournament features 4 vs 4 ladder play where you sign up as a doubles team and then play with and against other teams in the division. Play consists of 3 rounds and teams will move up or down the ladder based on win/loss record and points earned.

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Fee: $50 per team, due with registration.

Women's Division

Check in: 12:00 pm
Round 1 - 12:15 pm
Round 2 - 1:00 pm
Round 3 - 1:45 pm

Coed Division

Check in: 2:15 pm
Round 1 - 2:30 pm
Round 2 - 3:15 pm
Round 3 - 4:00 pm

More Information

Maximum Teams Allowed: 20 per Division
Courts with 5 teams will play to 15.
Courts with 4 teams will play to 21.

Special Rules

  • Teams must self-officiate.  Be honest and be a good sport! (The volley-gods are watching....)
  • Server must say score before initiating play.
  • No open hand tips.
  • Must establish a serving rotation, but no rotation rules are in effect otherwise.

Prizes for top finishing teams! + rED lANTERN aWARDS

Anchorage Sports swag, Player Fee Discounts, and more!

Team Lists Updated 11/21, 9:45 am

Women's Team Registrations

Division Team Name First Name Last Name Player 2 First Name Player 2 Last Name
Women's A/B Nikayla Smosby Nicole Crosby Kayla Smiley
Women's A/B Empire Spikes Back Kari Frantz Nicole Markel
Women's A/B Set-sy and We Know It Nicole Gregson Nicole Gregson
Women's A/B Ballers Mary Hennessey Erica Shaffer
Women's A/B Oh My Squad Stacie Meisner Calli Scott
Women's A/B Dump Trucks Megan Petersen Wendy Petersen
Women's A/B Dig It Madeline Trawick Emma McMillan
Women's C/D Blondes R' Us Melissa Namen Shelby Namen

Coed Team Registrations

Division Team Name First Name Last Name Player 2 First Name Player 2 Last Name
Coed C I Dig You Dustin Lang Katrina Taylor
Coed C Bounce City Taylor Dibiasio Danae Stokes
Coed C Booze Balls Joshua Fosi Suzy Carson
Coed C Thighs Before Pies Kari Frantz John Ridao
Coed C Clay and Hahni Hahni Johnson Clay Johnson
Coed C Wanderbeeks Joseph Kalfsbeek Jackie Wander
Coed C Greg & Kristen Kristen Lewis Greg Bierma
Coed C Stop 'N Shop Dominic Mallari Darian Johnson
Coed C Ball Busters Morgan O’Connor Anna Willis
Coed C Osborne Squared Austin Osborne Jalyn Osborne
Coed D Two Turkeys Rebecca Aho Nayyir Rawhani
Coed D Crosbies Nicole Crosby Trevor Crosby
Coed D Take a Hit Emma Hickel Truman Turner
Coed D Alaska Pack Cera Jondrow Dean Powell
Coed D ELM and HEM Eric Marcellus Hannah Marcellus
Coed D Thought this was a 5k Sergei Robinson Lisa Sottiyothin
Coed D Randy Rando's Sid Verma Tanya Verma