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Softball Council

Softball Council

The Softball Council is responsible for the stability and governance of Anchorage Sports Association softball leagues. This includes slow pitch and fast pitch programs. Meetings are typically held on the last Thursday of the month, January through April. Time and location of meetings is announced one week in advance.

Typically, we try to field a representative for each league in Men's, Women's, and Coed, along with a Division Chair, Division Vice-Chair, and an Division Player Representative. Association members from each division elect representatives to the council, and the council members vote on officer seats. The Council President serves on the Executive Board along with other members elected by the Softball Council for a term of 2 years. The number of members elected to the Executive Board is determined by the number of teams/players in softball, as outlined in the Anchorage Sports Association Constitution.

Softball members in good standing are encouraged to attend council meetings and share their thoughts, perspectives, and ideas on any aspect of the softball programs. 


We are looking to fill the council positions of Coed Rec, Coed Faith, and Men's E. If you are interested, please contact