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Slow-Pitch Team Registration is Open; New Rules for 2018 Season

By Stacie M., 03/09/18, 4:30PM AKST


Team Registration Deadline is April 12

Team Registration is Open

The 2018 Summer Slow-Pitch Season is fast approaching! We know there is still snow on the ground, but the season will be here before you know it. Be sure to visit our Slow-Pitch page for all the details for the upcoming season. Or, click the link below to go ahead and register your team.

The Registration "" is not currently available.

New Rules for 2018

The following rules were passed by the Softball Council at the February Meeting.

Men's League Comp/C

  • Men's Comp/C on Thursdays: All Men's Comp and Men's C teams scheduled for Thursdays will play in a combined league.
  • Men's Comp/C Run Spot and Home Run Rule: All Men's Comp/C games will use a 6 run spot and 2 and progressive homerun rule for league and tournament play.
Men's 50+
  • All pitchers are required to wear a face-mask.
  • 65+ Teams will receive 1 run per inning when playing 50+ teams.
  • 65+ Teams are allowed to pick up players from 50+ teams for league play, as long as all other pick up rules are followed (must play in a game that night).
  • Run spot clarification: The run spot rule will follow state guidelines with a 6-run spot per league difference. Comp B and Comp C are considered separate leagues and will use a 6-run spot for all league and tournament games.
Coed A & B
  • Coed A/B: Coed A/B will play as a combined league.
  • Coed A/B Run Spot and Home Run Rule: All Coed A/B games will use a 6 run spot and 2 and progressive homerun rule.
  •  Coed A/B Restricted Player Pick-up: If a Coed A or B team's restricted player(s) are not present, the team is allowed to pick up a restricted player, as long as all other pick up rules are followed (must play in a game that night).
Coed Rec
  • Coed Rec will be played as a 6-4 league: Teams may play with 6 men and 4 women. Men rostered on Men's or Coed C teams or higher are not eligible for this league. Field make up must include 2 women in the infield and 2 women in the outfield. Teams may still play with the standard 5 men and 5 women rules if they choose. (Remember, you can always play with more women in your line-up if needed!)
NEW! Coed Youth (ages 14-18)

The new Coed Youth league will follow our standard Fall Ball rules. This rule set will keep the game safe for all participants as well as encourage growth and learning for those who are new to the game. This rule set includes the following:

  • Pitching Mat - A pitching mat will be placed behind home plate. Any ball that hits the matt is considered a strike. Any pitch that does not hit the mat is considered a ball.
  • Commitment Line - A commitment line will be drawn between 3rd base and home plate; once a player passes the commitment line, they must continue to the scoring plate. The scoring plate will be placed behind home plate and plays at home will be treated like a force out.
  • Batting - Teams are only allowed to score 5 runs in an inning; except for the final inning, which will allow unlimited scoring until 3 outs are made.

The Youth League will have a delayed start and we will accept team registrations for this league through May 12. Play will begin the first week in June.

Softball Council Information

These decisions are made by the Softball Council, the governing body for the Anchorage Sports Softball Program. You can read more about the council here. The next Council meeting is March 22 at 6:30 pm at the BP Energy Center.