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Softball Field Maintenance History & Current Needs

By Stacie M., 05/24/18, 3:00PM AKDT


Where we've been, and where we're going. What can you do to help today? Read more...

Recent History

In 2015, Anchorage Sports Softball Council voted to bring field maintenance in-house instead of contracting it out to a vendor. Since then, we have invested a lot of time, equipment, and labor into our fields, and slowly but surely we are seeing the changes needed to bring our fields up to a quality standard. 

The document below summarizes the field maintenance improvements that have been done over the last 3 years and includes goals for the next few seasons.

What Needs Done...

While we have made big strides in a short period of time, there is still a lot to do! Not only do we have many improvements to accomplish in our long-term plans, but we also deal with unexpected surprises each season (like a windstorm that destroys 4 of our dugout roofs).

Below is a list of current needs that we hope our Association members will be able to help us with:

  • Dugout repairs on Cartee 4, 5, & 6; Russian Jack 1 & 2**
    • Option A: Repair blown-off roofs and reinstall.
    • Option B: Fabricate new steel dugout roofs similar to this and install over the current fencing.
  • Fence repair on Cartee 5 (We currently have an Association player volunteering to fix this!)
  • Dirt fill for the infields (all dirt fields) and the outfields (all fields)
  • Equipment needed to level fill once brought in
  • Hydroseed for the grass turf areas after new fill is laid down
  • Prep-work for turf replacement on Cartee 3 & 4 (Fall 2018)

Not only do we need materials for many of the jobs above, but we need the manpower to do it. Get a crew together, let us know what you need, and let's work together to continue improving our fields.

**While the dugout roofs are off, we ask teams to be courteous to each other during inclement weather and at least share the roofed dugout with the scorekeepers so they can do their job.

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